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Competitve Comparison

Why Pedi-Wraps Are Better

  • Pedi-Wraps are preferred by more Doctors, P.T's, nurses, moms, and patients, than any other competitor's products.
  • Our patented design eliminates the worry of compartment syndrome, due to pressure applied to pressure points.
  • Pedi-Wraps overlapping closure system supports the full arm, rather than attaching at the wrist and bicep alone.
  • Our "single stay" prevents the risk of multiple points of impact during regular movement and play.
  • The Medi-Kid Co. offers the largest array of in-stock sizes available from neonatal to adult.
  • Pedi-Wraps, withstand more use and cleaning than others on the market. Machine washable - dryer safe.
  • Our extensive fabric variety ensures a print for every interest and individual.

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