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Pedi-Wrap without Thumbhole
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Product ID : 200-205

Pedi-Wrap without Thumbhole

Price: $41.00


The most widely used pediatric arm immobilizers, also, referred to as pediatric splints or pediatric restraints.
Sold in Pairs
Prices range from $24-$43
Fast and Easy to use
Simply Wrap around arm, overlap velcro to secure
Velcro width allows adjustment around arm
Pocket - with plastic insert included
Available in solids and prints
Sold in Pairs
Shoulder strap included. * Except Preemie and Newborn sizes

  At Home

  In Hospital

    • Prevents Thumb Sucking
    • Wash and Wear - (We recommend washing and drying in a load of towels with velcro overlapped.)
    • Friendly Appearance
    • Shoulder strap NOT recommended at night OR while child sleeps
    • Quickly controls arm movement
    • Prevents pulling NG tubes, IV tubes, Tracheotomy
    • Highly recommended following cleft palate surgery
    • Prevents putting objects into mouth, scratching bandages, injuries or skin
    • During X-Rays (X-Rayable)
    • Prevents self inflicted injury (Retts)

Made of:

  • Outside Layer - Cotton Print
  • Preemie Size - Flannel Print
  • Middle Layer - Poly-fil
  • Inside Layer - 100% Cotton
  • Pocket - with Plastic Insert Included




  3" Length
5" Length
7" Length
9" Length
11" Length
13" Length

3" - 5 "

6" - 8 "

7" - 9"

8" - 10"
9" - 11"
10" - 12"

2" - 4 "

5" - 7 "

6" - 8"

7" - 9"
7" - 9"
8" - 10"

To Measure Size:

arm chart

Holding the arm straight out, measure the arm from the underarm to the wrist (without thumbhole). This is the length you need.

Measure the circumference of the bicep and the wrist. The Pedi-Wrap is intended to cover the full length of the patient’s arm. It should not be fitted in the mid-bicep area or it will not provide adequate support or immobilization.


Min/Max Order: 1 / 5

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by geastham
04/07/2015 - 11:16:13 PM
Pediatric Arm Immobilizers - no thumb hole
7 year-old Henry has been wearing Medi-Kid pediatric arm immobilizers daily since September 2013 and we have found the product safe, durable and very comfortable for him. Henry has Lesch-Nyhan syndrome which manifests in severe finger biting, and these immobilizers have kept him secure 24 / 7. For his recent birthday, the Medi-Kid Co. was good enough to customize the fabric so that Henry could wear his favorite characters (Mickey Mouse, Olaf the Snowman, Jake from Neverland, Snoopy and Woodstock, Lightening McQueen and Mater, and Big Hero 6). The staff is friendly and accommodating, the product is awesome and the shipping is dependable and extremely fast. We couldn't be happier.

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